Pizza “Roll Bjro”

Roll Bjro
base pizza 28 1

In this recipe we used

Base Pizza 33 cm

Pizza “Roll Bjro”


Sprinkle the whole 22 cm pizza base with the chopped mozzarella. Bake in a preheated professional oven at 250°C (bottom) and 300°C (top) for 2-3 min (for domestic use, use the static mode at 250°C for 5-6 min). Remove from the oven and add the emmenthal, bresaola, grilled vegetables, and salad on one side. Roll the base on itself starting from the seasoned part. Cut the two ends by fixing the contents with a toothpick, proceed by cutting the central part in four and arrange the six pieces of roll on a plate with a flat bottom. You can enjoy them by dipping the roll in soy sauce or other sauces to taste.