WE, artisans of taste

We prepare and distribute fresh baked goods (+ 4°C) according to our culinary tradition.

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Our story begins in 2010, the year of ambitious projects resulting from the intuition of the Aliano brothers.

The production takes the first steps towards progressive investments and continues today in the headquarters in Gravina in Puglia, an evocative location rich in food and wine typical of the Made in Italy tradition.

Indeed, we still believe that growth is about combining tradition and innovation.

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As such, we select the best raw materials to transform them into tasty products everyone loves.

Ours is a story of passion for taste.

After all, the flavour of our products comes from the skills of our master pizza makers who work with great dedication every day.

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“Our company is the custodian of ideals shared both by our children and by those who work with the us every day. Indeed, it is like family for us, and we promote dialogue with the staff and the idea of doing something good and healthy every day. Our wealth lies in the path that our children have decided to undertake and develop with their vision and not just inherit what was done before.”


In the wonderful setting of the Alta Murgia National Park, on the border with Basilicata, Gravina in Puglia captures the gaze of those who stop by to admire it.

Part of the city extends on the banks of a deep crevasse, very similar to a canyon, in an area characterized by the presence of numerous karst cavities.

Thanks to its evocative landscape, the unusual historic city center, and the rocky habitat that gives a picturesque look to the town, it has been a shooting location for a number of films, both Italian and international.

It is a land that hosts many companies specialized in the production of wine, pasta, sweets, and our baked goods. There is a sort of natural magnetism in the city of Gravina in Puglia, something that remains in the soul of those who come here.